BIO-degradable Disposable Tableware

We have a long-term program intended to implication of eco-friendly raw materials and product technologies. We have already started the production of disposable tableware and packaging made of special biodegradable foamed polystyrene. Such tableware is made of unique raw materials that contains special additives to stimulate biodegradation under anaerobic and aerobic conditions.

Key Features of BIO-tableware
Disposable tableware and packaging made of biodegradable materials look like and behave just like our standard foam cups, bowls and containers. Shelf life of biodegradable EPS disposable tableware and shelf life of disposable tableware made of normal foam polystyrene are the same.

Biodegradable tableware made of foamed polystyrene does not decompose under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Furthermore, biodegradable tableware is recyclable.

The length of degradation period of our BIO-degradable disposable tableware is from 6 months to 3 years at 95.5% rate. It is decomposed into: methane CH4, carbon dioxide CO2, biomass and inert humus.


Our company offers a wide range of biodegradable foamed products for every need. We produce biodegradable cups for hot and cold drinks of various volumes: 100, 175, 200, 240 and 250 ml. Moreover, we offer foam containers and foam bowls for dishes, soups and snacks of volumes 250, 340, 450 and 500 ml. Disposable foam tableware does not emit any harmful substances when being heated, taste and properties of food and drinks remain unchanged in our dishes. Our disposable tableware is easy for transportation and has a small weight, since it consists of 95% of air.

Biodegradable foam tableware is relevant to wholesalers, businesses and fast food restaurants, it is ideal for use on picnics, events and celebrations. By request we can make custom print with your logo or advertisement on our biodegradable cups and containers. We offer only environmentally friendly and safe products for humans and the environment!


Eco-Friendly, doesn't harm environment, quickly recycled
Keeps temperature and taste of products for a long time
Doesn't emit styrene, phenol, chloride and other harmful substances

Advantages of Bio-tableware