Printed Cups and Containers

Policap LLC produce foam cups, bowls and containers with your custom print. We can produce a foam cup or container with any information (your logo, advertisement) on it. Moreover, we develop printed cups with our unique design. Custom cups and containers is affordable and effective tool of marketing. With such cups you can reduce your promotion costs and achieve wide expansion of your brand for a low cost. Such cups are an effective way of brand promotion.
You can order custom cups for you company right now!

We Offer Printed Cups with Our Unique Design

We produce foam cups and containers with custom print. We produce foam cups with universal print for different purposes. Such cups will help your company to be remembered by consumers. Your clients receive additional positive emotions while using disposable cups with a nice print on them. We offer various options of Christmas cups, universal multi-purpose cups for coffee and tea, disposable cups for use at sport events, cups with “summer” design. We constantly update the range of our unique disposable printed cups and develop new design options.

Our Custom Print Cups

All designs are available on cups PS 175М, PS 200М (always in stock), PS 240М, PS 350М, PS 500. You can find more information about the cups in the PDF brochures above.

Стакан для кофе одноразовый


Одноразовый стаканчик для кофе


Одноразовый стаканчик для кофе


Посуда для рождественской ярмарки


Одноразовые стаканы для рождественской ярмарки


Одноразовые стаканы новогодние


Одноразовый стакан для кофе

“Coffee, Tea”

Одноразовые стаканчики для кофе и чая



“Coffee Time”


“Winter new”


“Universal 2”

Одноразовый стакан к новому году


Контейнеры одноразовые для еды

Bowl “Veggies”


Bowl for ice-cream

Cups with Your Logo

In addition to the production of universal disposable cups with thematic print, we offer you a unique opportunity to order disposable cups and containers of your own individual design with your logo, brand, corporate identity.


Disposable printed foam cups are highly effective for your company; they create a positive image of your brand in your customer’s eyes. Using disposable EPS cups you get the following advantages:

  • Increased confidence of the consumers of your products. Your logo on the cup demonstrates that your company is responsible for the quality of products.
  • Custom cups with your logo is great and effective branding tool for your company.
  • Unlimited number of users. Mass distribution of cups and containers with your logo is intended to attract attention of a wide audience. It will increase sales of your goods or services.
  • Creating a serious image of your company. Products with your printed logo create a solid corporate image of your organization.
  • Benefits of using custom foam cups with your logo outweigh a bit higher cost as you get cheap and effective advertisement and branding tool.
  • Additional income. We can make a cup with your logo on one side of the cup and third-party advertisement on the other side. In such way, you can even reduce your costs.
  • The constant demand for products with a logo. Disposable foam cups and containers are in constant demand regardless of the season of the year.

Applying the logo is carried out by dry offset. Number of colors in the design – from 1 to 5. We use Pantone palettes for exact correspondence with your corporate colors. We print using absolutely safe for human and environment UV-inks for higher brightness and sharpness of the image.